Who is Talia?

One of my favourite tricks- the Remi sit

Welcome to my blog!

Here you’ll be able to follow my pole journey and learn more about the beauty of pole as opposed to the stigma attached. Join me in learning how it positively impacts on my health (both physical and mental), confidence and general wellbeing. Allow me to introduce myself.. grab your popcorn, this is pretty interesting.

I’m a 21 year old Scottish girl who prefers living life upside-down and elevated. I’ve been poling for 2 years but I’ve had to break from it for just over a year due to moving home. Finally after what feels like a lifetime, I’m returning to do what makes me the happiest in the world! You see, to me pole isn’t just about looking sexy or pulling off crazy tricks. Sure, those parts are GREAT but it’s so much more to me.

I’m a Type 1 Diabetic and have been for 13 years now and a lot of people don’t realise that growing up and going through adolescence with Diabetes impacts so much. I’ve hated every single aspect of my body, from my tummy and thighs (main injection areas) down to my gums, toenails and nose hairs. I was diagnosed with anxiety and depression in my teenage years and also started manipulating my insulin injections in order to lose weight. This is a less talked about eating disorder known as ED-DMT1 or Diabulimia which sadly is a term that a lot of doctors are unaware of. At 18 I was at my lowest, weight was simply falling off of me, I couldn’t focus on anything and was falling behind at college, I couldn’t and didn’t want to actually do anything apart from drink my troubles away and I had landed myself in hospital with Ketoacidosis twice within a few months. I nearly lost my life and to be honest, at that time I would have been thankful if that were the case.

I then started going to the gym with my best friend, we saw a flyer up for pole dance classes, this is something I had wanted to try since I was young but never had the confidence. The following week, my friend, her sister and I got our booty shorts on and went, nothing could have prepared me for that class. I left completely miserable and cried when I got home, I was so awful and had no strength at all (you’d expect this, given it was my first time) but I was determined. We went back to another class the following week and I actually started getting the hang of things, though I was still incredibly weak and exhausted due to my poor insulin control. I then made an impulsive decision to buy my own pole and soon enough my rather reluctant mum (who was incredibly supportive once she realised how much pole means to me) let me put it up in our garage. That was the moment my life turned around.

Frustrated at my lack of strength, one day I simply thought ‘f*ck it‘ and cooked myself a healthy meal, made up a protein shake, injected correctly and got to work. I felt incredible. I wasn’t as exhausted and dehydrated as I had previously been and even though I didn’t go from awful to amazing in that one day, it was the beginning. I went to a few more public and private classes after that but felt so much better being by myself and self teaching. I started nailing tricks that I’d never even dreamed I’d have been able to do, giving me some real motivation to continue injecting and eating properly. I’d post my photos and short videos online and the reactions were wonderful, I don’t think anyone who I went to school with would have expected this! I was happy again, it was my stress release, my work out, my confidence builder and my happiness. I used to say that my pole was the love of my life and it still is. (Just don’t tell my boyfriend that)I had my slip ups with my Diabetes as everyone does but pole really did save my life. The break from it has been awful but I’ve been working out and doing yoga to prepare me for my return and now the time has come!

Thank you for reading my back story, my aim is to inspire others that struggle with issues similar to mine and everyone really. I hope to create a friendly and motivating environment here where anyone can ask me anything and we can all share our experiences!

Have a wonderful day,

Talia ❤